Email to fans 12.9.10

Hey Everybody!

How is the holiday season going for you?  So far so good for me.  Anyone have anything fun planned for Christmas?  I plan on heading out to see my family!  Can’t wait!

Speaking of the holidays…you can now DOWNLOAD my new album, “Tomorrow” for $3.99!  That’s right…get it HERE!  That price will only last until January 1st so hurry!  Have Imaj for the Holidays!  I don’t mind at all!!

In other news…  My SITE has been updated!  I’m doing a photo shoot later this week so there will be new pictures up soon.

OH!  I almost forgot.  Anything you want to ask me?  Well here’s your chance!  Ask me ANYTHING you’d like….and I’ll do my best to answer.  ASK AWAY!

Thanks for all the support!