Email to fans 3.21.11

Hey Fans!

Just wanted to talk about some quick updates with you.  This year is already turning out to be pretty exciting!

My site has now been updated with some photos from the photoshoot.  I want to know what the Imajites think..  Just hit reply and tell me!

Some people have already asked if I’m going to do a third solo album.  The answer is always, “Ehh.. I’m not too sure about that.”  LOL.  However, I AM working on a project specifically for spas and massage therapy.  The album will mainly consist of solo piano and atmospheric sounds.  This is the kind of music that I LOVE so it really is a joy to put something like this together.  I will fill you in on everything as time goes on!

In other news..  Are you familiar with the band I’m in, The Undertone?  Corrinne is the lead singer and she recently spoke with me about wanting to start a solo project!  I absolutely think she should!  As with many of The Undertone’s songs, her and I will be working closely together in the coming months to really get this going.  I’m sure there will be a give-away or two in the process so keep your eyes and ears open!

That’s about it folks!


P.S.  Check out behind-the-scenes footage from the photoshoot HERE!