Email to fans 8.22.11

Hey Imajites!

Just wanted to send a quick email to talk about a couple things..

First, as you may have heard a couple weeks ago the band I was in, The Undertone, has broken up.  Yes, it’s true…  Yes, it sucks!  I had some of the greatest times EVER with the band.  Playing shows, rehearsing, eating those UNREAL meals that Reggie would cook during breaktime at rehearsal!  Man….it was fun!  So what happened?

Well in a nutshell: We took a break that started towards the end of 2010.  This was mostly for recording and a refocus.  Eventually there became talks of an actual restructuring!  Different name, different music and possibly more members!  Was this a wise choice?  We felt like it was..  So we went for it!  Anyway things didn’t turn out as we planned and we decided to wrap things up altogether.  It’s unfortunate but these things happen.

Whew!  On to some good news…

I recently started a blog style site and I love it!  I can make updates on the fly and when I want!  The new site will have pictures, videos, music and some WILD stories!  I can tell you some important stuff or just talk about nothing.  All without having to bug you through email!  Of course I’ll still email every now and then, but only for big news!  So check it out HERE!  You can also subscribe to get notifications when I post new blogs!

Thanks for sticking around everybody.  It means a lot to me to have you as fans.  Ask me some stuff!


A lefty.

I decided for International Lefthanders Day, I’m gonna tell a story.

That’s right!  I’m a lefty..  I use this thing to eat, write, slap people, etc..  According to Wikipedia, I’m part of only seven to ten percent of the WORLD’S population!  Gnarly!  But was I born like this??  Apparently NOT!!

My dad told me that when I was a baby and he would hand me something, he would only let me grab it with my left hand.  And if I wanted to hand him something, he would only accept it if I was handing it to him with my left hand.  It became more dominant and that’s what I primarily use today.

You see, my dad is a lefty as well.  I’ve seen him eat with his left hand.  I’ve seen him write with his left hand.  And I can personally promise you that he slaps people with that left hand!  Boy does he ever..  He might not have a long list of unfortunate souls in his “People I’ve Slapped” book.  But he has at least four.  Myself.  My brother.  My sister.  And myself.

Why am I listed twice?  Let’s just say when I was younger I had a smart mouth and used to make a lot of faces at people.  I never really had a filter as to who those people were.  My parents might tell me to do something.  And of course this was interrupting MY day!  LOL!  So yeah I would get up and go do it.  But talking under my breath and making faces the whole time!  When/if I got caught…the right side of my face would then be ignited by the palm of my dad’s left hand.  The worst part about all of this is he could use his right as well!

Anyhow…It’s International Lefthanders Day!  And I’m a lefty.  Thanks Dad!

This is my lefty watch!  Notice the crown is on the left side of the watch?  We lefthanders typically wear watches on our right wrist.  With a regular watch (crown and buttons on the right) this makes it pretty inconvenient if we want to adjust the time or date while still having the watch on.  This is just one example of how lefthanders have to adjust to the right-hander’s world!  Grr!!!


The Undertone!

 Unfortunately we had to wrap things up with The Undertone.. 😦  Sucks, I know!  But I can assure you we ALL are still very much in the music world.  It won’t be long til you hear of a new project or two I’m sure!

Goodbye, The Undertone.  Some of the best memories ever…