Video from the Rally!


Just a video of a few videos I recorded while we were in LA for the Road Rally.  Enjoy..

P.S.  Don’t ask me what happens at the 2:20 mark…  Just watch.

Road Rally 2011

Here I am.. About to start day 3 of the rally. Yesterday alone we (Bros. Clem) learned more than I could have imagined. 2010 when we came we were flies on the wall. Observing a lot and taking everything in. We found a TON that we both agreed we would try in 2011. And wow.. Absolutely grateful that we were able to return. This time we’re actually getting involved! Doing sessions that have real one on one interactions with people that do what we do…on the level we’d like to do it! Learned a LOT about ourselves and exactly where we are on the production side. Also found out some steps that need to be taken to get exactly where we need to be! If you’re a musician, you need to be here next year!

Anyhow.. Time to get up and shower! Gonna catch a LIVE scoring of a future CSI episode! Talk soon……