Greetings From The Southwest!

Imajites!  Long time no see..  Happy **late** New Year!!  How has everyone been??  Good I hope.  I’ve just been busy finishing up this new spa album.  I am finally DONE with it and it has been ordered!  Just a few more weeks now and it will be available!


The home page of the site will be changing slightly in the near future.  It will basically be just a landing page with two options;  A way to come straight to my blog site, and a quick way to get to the new spa cd!  This change is mostly for the spa/massage therapy businesses that I will be working with.


What else…

Anybody with a Twitter account that is not yet following the Bros. Clem needs to get on the ball!  We are on there at @brosclem!  Right now we are working on making our best stuff better so that it can be shopped.  Exciting times!  We actually have some contacts that work with major artists to send some of our stuff to.  As soon as ANYTHING happens with that I’ll be the first to let you know!


Is there anything else?  Hmms….  Not right now.  I am going to try to be better about posting on the site in 2012 for sure!  Talk to you all soon!