Discussion: What You “NEED” To Do vs. What You WANT To Do

Hey!  Where the heck have you been??

I know, I know…I haven’t written anything in a while.  I haven’t posted any music in forever either.  Sorry!  In a way this is a good thing as I have been BUSY!  You know…Music, Life, Future, etc.  But mostly Music!

In January I went to LA with my brother for a consultation with a producer.  It was a good trip.  Basically the week we got back we attached ourselves to two different bands.  One with a gospel group and the other with a country singer!  Say what??  Yep.  Country!  I’ve never listened to it, let alone played that type of music live.  That makes it a challenge….which of course means growth.  So I’m all for it!  It has been an experience overall but I’m excited about it!  More info to come on both of those projects..

Hmm.  I guess these COULD be fashionable.

Hmm. I guess these COULD be fashionable.

As far as the production side, The BC (Bros. Clem) is now working with several local artists and their projects.  Basically we plan on flooding the streets with our music.  Getting quality music ready takes a LOT of time.  But it’s worth it!

Enough about all that.  Let’s get to this discussion!

Let’s say you are an artist.  Any kind.  Painter, writer, dancer, musician, etc.  If you are a true artist, the passion and love for what you do shows itself in your art.  It has no choice.  Likely, the passion and love for what you do will drive you to make certain decisions in your career path.  Now let’s say you’ve become interested in having your art experienced by the world.  Or maybe you want to make serious money with your art.  You’ll need help with this.  Who’s help?  The “industry”.  The industry, specifically with music, can get your art out to the masses and in turn get you paid!  All from doing what you love to do.  Simple, right?  Wrong.

The industry has its needs!  And as far as the mainstream music industry goes, in order to “break in”, there are some things that NEED to happen with your music.  I won’t go too far into this but I’ve been learning that for new producers your music has to fit into a certain type of box.  If it doesn’t you are simply over-looked.  Once you’re “in” and have a certain type of success, it seems you can then start to have your own voice and freedom in the industry.

"Make sure it fits into this box and this box ONLY!"

“Make sure it fits into this box and this box ONLY!”

So if you want to have major success, do you temporarily conform and simplify/water down your art so that it fits into that box?  If you do, this will certainly increase your chances of breaking in the industry.  Of course it does NOT guarantee that you’ll get in.  So is it worth it?

Do you do the art that you love?  This may mean that it is on a much smaller scale.  You may never reach some of the goals you had in mind.  If you had financial goals, those may never happen.  You may have to work a day job.  Then if you can find the time, create your art.  Is that worth it?

Would you be willing to alter your art for the chance at real success?  Or would you stick to your guns, never compromising and just hoping for the best outcome?  Let me know in the comments!