ImajTunes: Death of Me

Death of Me…  Is there such thing?

Some of you may have already heard this song.  It was on my first solo album released back in 2008.  This song is one of my favorites!  If I ever do a “Greatest Hits” album with ten songs…each track will be this song!  You’ve been warned!  I did Death of Me as a spoken word track with singing on the hooks.  All the speaking parts were written by a friend, Reggie Alvey.  Heard of him?  I wrote the singing parts.  At first I was nervous recording because I didn’t want to sound like an idiot.  Then I remembered that I was singing on most of the other songs on that album so how bad could talking really be?  Listen to the story!



Like it?  Hate it?  Feel free to tell me what you think below!

ImajTunes: A Mother’s Prayer

A Mother’s Prayer… Feel the pain in her voice?

Remember that instrumental project that I told you about?  The one I never finished from nine years ago?  The title of that album was going to be called Roaming Thoughts.  I wanted the listener to be able to put the album in the background and do whatever they were doing.  Whether it was driving, cleaning or studying.  At the same time, if they wanted to focus on the album I wanted to paint a picture with each song, or at least make the listener feel a certain way while listening.  When I first heard the sample of the woman singing I immediately got this picture in my head of a woman mourning the loss of her son.  So I constructed the song around her voice and the emotion that I felt.  What does it make you think of?



Like it?  Hate it?  Feel free to tell me what you think below!

ImajTunes: Calm

Calm… A song to chill to.

About nine years ago I started working on an instrumental album.  Not like the Spa Album I recently released.  This one was going to have songs with a few different genres.  Mostly R&B type songs with no vocals.  But I had SOME relaxing songs and even some electronic dance type songs.  I didn’t really have plans “release” the project to the world but…well… I guess that’s why it never got done!  I completed probably 8 songs from the project and this is one of them!  Enjoy!



Like it?  Hate it?  Feel free to tell me what you think below!

Introducing: ImajTunes!

Welcome back!

Today (tonight actually) I want to introduce ImajTunes!  These quick blog posts will be dedicated to bringing YOU original music that I create!  Each ImajTunes post will feature one song.  These could be songs on albums/projects that you’ve heard or they may be songs that are brand new to you!  I’ll give a little background info to the song (i.e. – what inspired me to make it or why I felt I needed to or what project I was working on during its creation)  Sometimes there won’t be much of a reason at all.  But hey worst case scenario you get to hear some new music!

The songs will be embedded into the posts so feel free to play the song then read.  Or read, then play.  Play AND read..  Or neither!  Oh and the comments section will be open as usual!

There’s no time better than the present!  Give me a few minutes and the first ImajTunes post will be up!


P.S.  Yes.. I wanted to call them “iTunes” posts.  But why confuse life any further, right??