And the Winner Is…


That’s right.  The results are in from the contest that I entered and I wasn’t one of the three finalists.  Turns out, there were over 6000 entries worldwide!  6000!!!  That’s amazing!  That’s also likely the reason  that they pushed the results day back by a week.  And trust me when I tell you, waiting for those results was the worst part about this whole experience!

In the end I’m glad that I entered.  I love a challenge!  And a great song came from it.  Of course I can’t use the song I did for any purpose other than the competition..(legal stuff) But still!


HZ Wants You!


I got the chance to hear quite a few of the entries and let me tell you, some of these composers are AMAZING!  Just unbelievably talented!  Of course there were some entries that were “meh”..  But a lot of what I heard was pretty good.  Congrats to the guys that won!


Silver Lining


Although only three finalists were chosen, the judges stated that they were pretty amazed by all the talent.  So amazed in fact, that they’ll be contacting as many as possible for a chance at employment with the company!  Sounds great to me!  We’ll see what happens!

Well I just wanted to give you a quick update on that.  Also there’s some new music coming in the near future!