Abram ‘Imaj’ Clements started his journey with music at the age of 15 when his parents bought him a keyboard for Christmas. It wasn’t long before he was writing original instrumental music. Abram met a vocalist just after high school and they formed the Colorado-based vocal and keyboard duo 2Gifted.  While the group had a nice mellow sound, there was a need for more.   This is where Abram began producing, arranging and composing. Shortly after, Abram moved to Phoenix, AZ where he began to try new things in the music world. Abram and a singer-songwriter friend founded the dynamic, 4-piece band The Undertone in 2006. The band played several gigs and festivals around Arizona for nearly 5 years before disbanding.

It took a while, but in 2008 Abram finally decided that he wanted to record a solo album, The ‘I’.  This album would be the first time where his words as well as his music could be heard together.  Abram says, “Not everyone can understand emotions through music alone, sometimes  you just have to speak English.”

2010 brought a new album to fans; Tomorrow. On this album he would express his way of thinking on the idea of ‘tomorrow’. “Does it ever come? Maybe. But if not shouldn’t we all seize the day?” he says.

In 2012 Abram returned to his instrumental roots.  His album, Exhale Vol. 1, is a full-length album specifically crafted for relaxation and massage therapy.  “This always has been my favorite type of music!” Abram says.  The calming sounds of the piano coupled with natural and atmospheric elements make this album perfect for anyone just ready to wind down.

Today Abram is attached to several composing projects. He’s also part of the genius production duo, Bros Clem.

The journey continues..