ImajTunes: The Words

The Words… A prayer from my father.

Interesting how this one came about.  I was a much younger “me”, just starting to get into production and I was seeking inspiration!  I thought to myself, “Man it would be great to have a recording of some preaching that I could put some of my music to!”  My mom happened to be the executive administrator at a church that I used to attend in Colorado.  I just knew she’d have some old recordings of past sermons!  I got maybe 5 or 6 tapes (yes…TAPES) from her.  Popped one in fully expecting to hear my pastor’s voice.  Nope!  I hear my dad!  This was EXACTLY what I needed!  He’s praying right before the sermon for that day..  As I listened I started to play a melody on my Alesis keyboard.  That was back in 2002.  The song you are about to hear is the exact same song!  I’ve had some equipment changes since then (naturally) so I was able to go back and re-record the song.  Same key, same tempo, same everything!  Just updated sounds.  Some of you may have heard this at the end of my 2010 album Tomorrow.  Enjoy!



Like it?  Hate it?  Feel free to tell me what you think below!

And the Winner Is…


That’s right.  The results are in from the contest that I entered and I wasn’t one of the three finalists.  Turns out, there were over 6000 entries worldwide!  6000!!!  That’s amazing!  That’s also likely the reason  that they pushed the results day back by a week.  And trust me when I tell you, waiting for those results was the worst part about this whole experience!

In the end I’m glad that I entered.  I love a challenge!  And a great song came from it.  Of course I can’t use the song I did for any purpose other than the competition..(legal stuff) But still!


HZ Wants You!


I got the chance to hear quite a few of the entries and let me tell you, some of these composers are AMAZING!  Just unbelievably talented!  Of course there were some entries that were “meh”..  But a lot of what I heard was pretty good.  Congrats to the guys that won!


Silver Lining


Although only three finalists were chosen, the judges stated that they were pretty amazed by all the talent.  So amazed in fact, that they’ll be contacting as many as possible for a chance at employment with the company!  Sounds great to me!  We’ll see what happens!

Well I just wanted to give you a quick update on that.  Also there’s some new music coming in the near future!




The Contest


How is your year so far??  Mine is great..  Busy as usual!

I just wanted to write today to tell you about a contest that I entered.  A friend of mine sent me a link and the first thing I saw was “Hans Zimmer Wants You!”  Many of you know that I love soundtracks and scores.  Well one of my favorite composers is Hans Zimmer.  For anyone who doesn’t know who that is…he’s a genius.  That’s about all there is to it.

Anyway he created a contest where 3 finalists will get the opportunity the work at his company as a full time composer for film and TV!  Now, when I say “get the opportunity”, I mean the finalists will actually head out to LA to interview for the job.  Exciting, right?


Film Scoring


How are the finalists chosen?  Starting February 19th, a panel of 4 judges, including Mr. Zimmer, will listen to all of the songs submitted (over 3000).  On or before March 20th, the finalists will be announced!

What about the song??

Hans created a short song and basically allowed each contestant to use ANY piece of it to create their own unique work.  I used his percussion and pieces of the female vocal line. (I changed the key of course.)  You can hear what I came up with below!  Please let me know what you think!  Enjoy!


Exhale for the Holidays!

How was your year??  Mine was action packed to say the least!

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to think about the holidays, family/loved ones and FUN! One fun thing I enjoy doing is sharing my music!

Sure it can be stressful at times you know…sending your children (music) out into the world for the first time.  Wondering how people will react to them. Wondering if they’ll achieve everything you’ve always wanted them to.  No matter what happens, you still always feel a sense of pride and joy when you think about them!

Anyway, moving on! Do you remember when I shared my version of Joy to the World with you last year? Well I’ve officially started recording for my instrumental holiday album!  I’m hoping to release it next year.  What does that mean to you in the meantime?  Glad you asked!  That means that as I start to finalize the songs that will go on the album, I get to share samples with you!

Not only will you get to hear the samples, you’ll be able to download them for FREE!  Keep in mind that these will not be the full versions of these songs.  They are just samples but still… FREE!  Below you will find the first two samples.  The set will be updated with new content as the year goes on!  Listen, download, share!

What holiday songs would you love to hear on the album?  Let me know in the comments below!


ImajTunes: B.B.U. (Instrumental)

B.B.U. (Instrumental)… All aboard!!

Remember this one from my 2010 album; Tomorrow?  Man I had so much fun producing, writing and recording this song!  All the post-production work of adding effects here and there to enhance the song was great too!  My vision for this song was a bit different from the others on this album.  I wanted this one to feel like it was being performed in a musical.  I wanted to paint a picture with the words and sounds as if you were in a theater watching a show.  Even with this instrumental I hope you are taken on a journey!  Can you tell where the daydream starts and stops?  Can you hear the train coming?

Bigger Better U.



Like it?  Hate it?  Feel free to tell me what you think below!

Site Update!


Enjoying your Friday?  Me too!  I just wanted to make a quick announcement about some site updates that I’ve done.

I’ve added a Projects page to the main navigation menu!  This page will list (in no particular order) all of the projects I’m currently working on.  You can click on project titles to get more detailed info for each project!  I’ll regularly be updating each project page as things develop.  As usual, the comments will be open on each page so feel free to ask any questions you’d like!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the ImajTunes that I’ve been sending out!


ImajTunes: Him Or I

Him Or I…  Choose wisely.

This is another one of those unreleased tracks I did back in 2006.  It was always planned as an instrumental track but the more and more I listen to it, I think it needs a singer!  Any takers??  I actually put an organ part in the bridge!  They used to use organ a LOT back in the day!  Back when R&B was still R&B…remember those days?



Like it?  Hate it?  Feel free to tell me what you think below!

ImajTunes: The Darker

The Darker…  A short ballad.

Every now and then I sit down at the piano, press record and just play.  Most of the time nothing great happens so I delete the file!  But every now and then a new song is born!  This song was KINDA like that.  After I recorded it I went back and made some edits and added some light string elements.  It was actually on the list of possible songs to go on my spa album.  I cut it from the album because I felt it was a little too short and maybe a little sad in a way.  Does this song paint a picture for you?



Like it?  Hate it?  Feel free to tell me what you think below!

ImajTunes: Sleep Well

Sleep Well…  A kind of lullaby.

Can you have a lullaby with no words?  I think so!  I made this several years ago.  This song blends calming piano chords with wind and rain sounds.  There’s a beat to it as well, but not so much that it would take away from the overall feel of the song.  I hope you like it!



Like it?  Hate it?  Feel free to tell me what you think below!

ImajTunes: Into the Battle

Into the Battle…  Epic.

A few years ago, a friend of a friend was shooting a commercial for a major gaming convention.  He needed background music for this 1.5 minute advertisement.  My friend asked me if I’d be interested in composing the music for the commercial.  I agreed of course!  This is my favorite type of music!  Anyway my friend did a song and I did a song.  We submitted both.  They chose mine!  However, organizers of the convention wanted to use some other music.  Oh well!  It was fun creating this song.  And now you get to hear it!



Like it?  Hate it?  Feel free to tell me what you think below!